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Rawmix 2 is here!

Rawmix 2 is an improved model of Rawmix blenders. It is more advanced and has more power than in our previous model. Rawmix 2 has 2200w (3 horse power) motor. Blades are also modified to meet different blending needs. Blades are smooth and super-sharp enabling moderate blending noice even though the motor is very powerful.  More ingredients now fit in the jug which is bigger (2 l).

  • More powerful motor 2200W, 3hp
  • Bigger jug
  • More rounds per minute 30 000 rpm
  • Advanced blades

Rawmix 2 is a high-quality blender, which beats the regular low-power blenders with flying colours. The powerful 3 (hp) horse power and 2200 W motor rotates at up to 30,000 rpm and mixes all kinds of fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, etc. instantly. Efficient blender rapidly achieves the desired outcome and gets the nutrients out and into an easily digestible form. Rawmix 2 is a high quality and durable blender for both home and professional use. With Rawmix 2 you can prepare smoothies, juices, soups and sauces in an instant. In addition, you can easily make ice cream, dough, crushed ice, nut and seed pastes, etc.

When blending a variety of foods, you need a blender, the speed of which can be adjusted easily. Rawmix 2 is equipped with a variable speed control, which allows the motor to rotate at 11,000 – 30,000 rpm. The motor of Rawmix 2 is of high quality and effect. The motor can also withstand high temperatures and is protected from overheating. The motor will stop if it gets too hot.

BPA-free 2 litre jug is made of very durable polycarbonate. The pitcher is high-quality, durable and has a good handle. The pitcher includes a tight rubber cover, which includes a removable plastic plug. In addition, a stirring rod / pestle is included in the package. The pitcher can be cleaned easily under running water or by putting in there a little washing liquid + water, and starting the blender. We do not recommend placing the pitcher in the dishwasher, as the integrated blades can be damaged.

On the front panel, there is an ON/OFF switch, pulse and variable speed control. The blender’s six-arm blade is great for chopping various foods and nuts. The blender is suitable for blending both soft and harder food items.

  • Very high-quality blender
  • Excellent value for money
  • BPA-free pitcher
  • Top-quality motor
  • For home, bars, cafés, restaurants, etc.
  • Smoothies, juices, soups, sauces, ice crushing, dough, ice creams, nut and seed pastes, etc.
  • Smooth finish & perfect composition

21-day satisfaction guarantee
24-month warranty

Power: 3 H/P 2200 W
Size: 225 x 265 x 520 mm
Volume: 2000 ml
Container: Food graded PC, BPA-free
Bottom: ABS
Colours: Black / White / Red
Voltage: 220 – 250 V 50 Hz
Motor speed: 11,000–30,000 RPM
Weight: 6,5 kg
Country of Origin: China